Jun 15

The new Melodics Pad Controller app for iPhone & iPad: Get started with finger drumming & take your practice on the road.

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It’s live, it’s finally live!

Melodics is proud to announce our first app for iOS – the Melodics Pad Controller app, now available for iPhone and iPad.

Now you can get better at finger drumming and improve you musical skills, even if you don’t have hardware available – and if you do, the controller app means you can jam lessons on the desktop app even when you don’t have it with you.

A pad controller in your pocket.

You can’t always fit your studio in a backpack – but with the Melodics Pad Controller app you have a full 8 (for iPhone) or 16 (for iPad) pad controller in your pocket. Control Melodics on your laptop wherever you are!

And even when you don’t have your desktop or laptop available, you can still jam out with four built in kits from some of our most popular lessons – just plug in your headphones and play! You can even fire up your music in the background and drum along over the top.

Grab the app for free from the App Store now!
Download on the App Store

Know someone who wants to get into finger drumming, but doesn’t have the hardware yet? Let them know!

The Melodics Pad Controller app is the perfect way to get started with finger drumming, build skills with the Melodics Desktop app, and have heaps of fun playing music. If you know someone who’d be into it, do them (and us) a favour and tell your crew on Facebook about Melodics, or maybe even blast a tweet.

Here’s the full press release from Melodics CEO Sam Gribben:

Auckland, New Zealand, June 14, 2016

Pad drummers on the go have an exciting new tool at their fingertips.

If you don’t have a hardware pad controller, The Melodics Pad Controller App is the perfect way to get started with learning finger drumming. And if you do, you can now take your practice on the road.

“We’ve got tons of people using Melodics who don’t own a hardware controller”, says Sam Gribben, CEO of Melodics. “You can play with your laptop keyboard, but an iPhone or iPad is a much better experience. We’ve also had lots of people who do use midi hardware ask us for an easy way to practice when they’re away from their studio. The Melodics Pad Controller app is the perfect portable compliment to your hardware”.

“Our research shows that 5 minutes a day has much more impact than a longer session less frequently’, says Gribben “Having you practice rig with you at all times makes it much easier to get in your daily practice.”

The Melodics Pad Controller App is the first step towards making the Melodics experience entirely mobile. “Our long term plan is to be able to play Melodics on any mobile device” says Gribben.

The Melodics Pad Controller App connects to your Mac or PC via USB for ultra low latency. When not connected the app has 4 built in kits from some of our most popular lessons – just plug in your headphones and play! You can even play music on your device in the background and drum along over it.

DJ Jazzy Jeff has this to say about Melodics. “If you make beats, Melodics is like going to the gym for a workout!”. The Melodics Controller App makes that gym all the more portable.

About Melodics

“Melodics is part game, part beatmaking software,” says Gribben. “It’s fun and addictive and adapts to your abilities and musical taste to help you get better at pad drumming, faster.”

Created by former Serato CEO Sam Gribben, Melodicsis a product developed in partnership with artists to teach DJs, producers and performers the art of pad drumming.

Lessons are created by iconic artists such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Nick Hook, The Gaslamp Killer, Jeremy Ellis, Mark de Clive-Lowe, AraabMuzik, Eskei83 and more.

Rhythm and timing are central to music and how a track feels. They can be the difference between a repetitive four bar loop and one you can listen to all day. “For producers who step sequence or draw in drum programming, Melodics helps them work infinitely faster and have a more direct connection between the idea in their brain and the reality coming out of the speakers,” says producer and musician Mark de Clive-Lowe.

Melodics is free to download, and comes with 20 free lessons to get you started. Then subscribe for unlimited access to constantly updating premium lessons and content, including exclusive lessons from great Artists.

Available now on the App store

Jun 13

Doin’ Thangs…

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Apologies for the radio silence on the blog! The last half of May & the beginning of June have been bananas for us here at Melodics HQ, and we have a whooooole lot to share with you. Let’s get it.

Up first: New Lessons

Tha Trickaz – Bless That

Already huge in the French Bass Music community and on YouTube, Cat-masked producers Tha Trickaz were kind enough to bless us with a suite of lessons covering their absolute monster tune “Bless that”. Starting easy, and building up to a total playthrough of the track, including frantic Hi Hats and sneaky triplet fills, this lesson is super fun and very challenging to play.

Check the boys themselves perfecting the advanced version of the lesson 😀

Buddy Peace – Desert Burner

The master makes his return with his second Melodics lesson “Desert Burner”. A rolling, up-tempo break with plenty of hat-clamps, this one requires fast (and accurate) fingers, and has been one of the most popular lessons since release.

Beat Drop – Stank Jam

A massive lesson from our friends at Beat Drop, based on their hit sample pack. The advanced version of this lesson will have you all over the controller, running the bass, drums, and multiple leads.

New features & optimisations

A bunch has gone in the last couple of weeks, including updated pad lighting for devices, end-of-lesson recommendations have been tweaked to better target where in the grades you’re playing, levelling & progress has been changed slightly to give you a better idea of how you’re progressing, and playing in Practice Mode now counts towards your daily practice goal time!

And the big announcement is…

Coming tomorrow :) There will be a post here on the blog, and across all of our social channels. Stay tuned!

And of course, the post title is a reference to indisputably one of the greatest album covers ever produced:

See you tomorrow!