Introducing the Melodics Guided Path
Oct 09

It’s guided learning, but YOU create your own path.

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Learning to play music is exciting, but getting started can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Where do you start? Where do you go next? What do you do when things get tricky? What should you be focusing on?

These are all common bits of feedback we hear from those looking to get started with learning to play their instrument.

The solution?

Introducing the Melodics Guided Path – a structured map through the Melodics Courses to help you find your way and improve your skills on the keys, pads, or drums.

The Guided Path gives you an overview of the areas you should focus on when starting your musical journey with Melodics. Working your way through each Course in the Guided Path will help you lay a solid foundation for you to build upon further.

We’ve designed this path for you to follow, but try moving both ways. Forward through the courses to master new concepts, but also back to lessons you’ve passed so you can see the improvements you’ve made, increase your scores and get those perfects. One of the joys of music learning is the satisfaction of easily re-playing a lesson you once found super hard.

Here at Melodics, we believe that learning to play music isn’t a straight line and isn’t the same journey for everyone.

We believe everyone should be in control of their own learning with musical freedom of choice, defining their own goals and plotting their own unique path. We hope this will lead to a transformative experience and a sustained interaction with music making for life.

We believe that learning is something that is done by you and not something that is done to you and that learning through actually doing is more effective than simply being told.

We know this is the best way to learn, but sometimes, everyone gets a little lost. Sometimes, it would be nice to have a map. 


What does it look like for each instrument?

In total, there are 45 courses and over 300 lessons as part of the Guided Paths. These are split across the three different instruments Melodics currently supports – keys, pads, and drums.

Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Melodics to access the Guided Path. If you’re not sure you have the latest version, you can download it here.


The Guided Path for Keys – 23 Courses in Total

The Melodics Guided Path for Keys is a modern curriculum for the keyboard that teaches both practical and theoretical concepts in the context of performance. Learn by listening and playing, with an emphasis on a wide range of contemporary genres like Hip-Hop, Pop, RnB and Electronic.

Higher and lower-level concepts are always present in music – The journey of music is non-linear and all about making connections between things. The more connections you make, the more you start to recognise certain features, almost as though they weren’t there before.

– Robert Bruce, Creative Production & Content Creator

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to go next because there’s no straight line through the journey of music learning. The Guided Path helps you to explore different paths and ensures you don’t miss anything too important along the way.

The Guided Path will help you to build confidence. By the time you’ve reached the end, you can feel confident that you’ve covered all the basics. Then as you continue to practice and play, you’ll notice all the different concepts that you explored throughout the Guided Path popping up in other music.

Check out the ladder of learning for more detail on this.


The Guided Path for Keys


The Guided Path for Pads – 11 Courses in Total

The Melodics Guided Path for Pads is the first interactive music-learning program designed specifically for Pads as an instrument. It covers a range of skills from timing and hand coordination to complex syncopated fills and swung grooves. It also covers concepts that relate to music theory such as melody, harmony and rhythm through counting and developing an understanding of meter and subdivisions. It’s important for anyone who wants help building and strengthening their finger drumming skill set.

By playing through the Guided Path you will exercise core skills in multiple musical contexts. Through this, you will gain adaptability and versatility in your playing. Adapting your style and problem solving helps you connect your physical skills with your conscious understanding of what you are trying to do. This will help you become a better finger drummer and musician.

– Ruby Walsh, Creative Production & Content Strategy


The Guided Path for Pads


The Guided Path for Drums – 11 Courses in Total

When learning Drums it can be difficult to navigate your own path. Particularly when you are just starting out, figuring out where to focus and what to learn next can be a daunting and often frustrating experience. 

The Guided Path for Drums is based around developing a comprehensive understanding of the basic drum groove. From there, you’ll explore the rhythms and variations used to build new drum grooves, focusing on kick and snare patterns.

By learning how drum grooves are built, you’ll develop the skills to create your own. Once you’ve developed this core skill, courses on fills, time signatures, rudiments & coordination exercises will provide you with a well-rounded foundation to take your next leap forward.

The Melodics Guided Path for Drums will support you when you are stuck, providing a way to trace back to the fundamental skills you might have missed, allowing you to learn and develop the skills that matter, faster.

– Benjamin Locke, Creative Production & Content Creator


The Guided Path for Drums


Jump in there today and try it out!

We’d love to hear any feedback you have on this new feature, good or bad. Please do get in touch with us at


How do I actually find Melodics Guided Paths?

Once inside the Melodics app, select the “Learning” tab at the top, and then click on the “GUIDED” tab to find the Melodics Guided Path. This is available for keys, pads, and drums users.

Note: Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Melodics to access the Guided Path. If you’re not sure you have the latest version, you can download it here.

What instruments is the Melodics Guided Path for?

The Melodics Guided Path is available across all instruments – keys, pads, and drums.

Do I need to subscribe to access all of the courses and lessons within the Melodics Guided Path?

Yes, you’ll need to have an active subscription to access all of the courses and lessons found within the Guided Path. There are still some lessons in there that free users can access, just not the full Guided Path.

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