The Melodics Pad Controller app

The Melodics Pad Controller app

Get started with finger drumming and take your practice on the road with this free app for iPhone & iPad.

Whether you’re just starting out with finger drumming, or you’re an established pro – the free Melodics Pad Controller app can help you build your skills & lift your game.

Join Adam as he runs you through getting started with the Melodics controller app.

First things first:
svgDownload the Melodics desktop app for free

Then grab the controller app from the app store:
Download the free Controller app for iPhone / iPad from the App Store now
Just getting started with Melodics?

Getting better at finger drumming can help producers, DJs, and performers write better tracks, play better sets, and rock bigger shows.

If you're just getting started with finger drumming, Melodics is the best way to build your timing, rhythm, muscle memory, and other core musical skills.

There are over 200 lessons covering all skill levels, featuring music you actually want to play from huge artists across heaps of genres.

Now the Melodics Pad Controller app means even if you don’t have the hardware yet, you can still get started on building your skills!

Listen to a few of the lessons available on Melodics:
Don’t Forget DJ Jazzy Jeff Grade 4 Hip hop preview
Oscillating Lucifer Gaslamp Killer Grade 4 Alt Hip hop, Beats preview
The Princess Eskei83 Grade 3 Electronic preview
From Home to Work and Back Tall Black Guy Grade 4 Hip hop, Downbeat preview

Already using Melodics with your controller?

The Melodics Controller App is no substitute for your hardware Pad Controller – and it’s not meant to be!

Download the free Controller app for iPhone / iPad from the App Store now
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Download Melodics now

It’s free to download, and comes with 20 free lessons so you can get started building your rhythm, timing, and muscle memory.
Then subscribe for unlimited access to constantly updating premium lessons and content, including exclusive lessons from great artists.

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