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Find out how finger drumming and cue point techniques can make your DJ sets more interesting and creative.

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Finger Drumming is an emerging skill that is bringing DJ and pad controller together to push the boundaries of digital music.

Finger Drumming has been utilised by producers, live performers and has now found its way into the DJ world through ‘cue point drumming’. With all recent Red Bull Thre3style winners incorporating cue point drumming in their winning sets, it seems that this trend will only grow in the future.

So with the potential of cue point drumming outlined let’s take a look at it from a technique perspective.

There are parts of my sets I really want to add cue point drumming to. But I need to practice in the studio before I’m ready to bring it live. Melodics is such a great way to train.” Gaslamp Killer

Cue Point Drumming Technique

The good news is that the art of cue point drumming is not just exclusive to world renowned DJ’s and can be accessed by anyone with a DJ controller that has pads. The other great piece of information is that Cue Point Drumming as a technique is very versatile and can be applied to virtually any track in a Dj’s personal library. The results see the ability for a DJ to create interesting flips of an original beat. The rise of cue point drumming is making DJ sets even more dynamic and creative.

To give you an idea of this in action, watch performances of two very different tracks all using the same 2-1-2-1 Cue Point Drumming pattern:

The pattern applied to Jay Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder (82 BPM)

Same pattern, this time applied to Disclsoure - White Noise (120 BPM)

In my first few sessions with the software I became better at finger drumming and had so much fun learning. Some people say I’m good at this – Melodics showed me that I’ve still got a lot to learn.” Eskei83, 2014 Red Bull Thre3style champion

Setting cuepoints in Serato DJ

Setting cuepoints in Serato DJ

How to set up your cue points
How Melodics can help

Melodics is a finger drumming app that has over 25 cue point drumming lessons from the likes of Eskei83 and DJ Day. These lessons can be practiced with your DJ controller in a practical and engaging format that facilitates quick learning.

Once you gain mastery of these patterns in Melodics use the guide above to set cue points on tracks in your own library. It’s time to learn from the best. Try your free trial of Melodics today and learn the art of cue point drumming.

Their approach is one half game, one half audio production software and is a really handy tool for anyone wanting to learn pad drumming for production or DJing. In a nutshell, Melodics is a series of interactive lessons that allow you to progress through numerous levels and develop your skills. We’ve been going through these ourselves and it’s definitely addictive!” Serato blog – Melodics: Cue Point Drumming For DJs

Cue point drumming is a simple but effective DJing technique that can take your DJ sets to the next level.

he ability to flip and and make unique variations out of existing tracks adds a dynamic element that opens infinite possibilities when it comes to mixing. Learning this skill will separate you from all the other ‘laptop DJ’s’ out there and enable you to build truly unforgettable sets. Try out a Free Trial of Melodics and get better today.

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