Take your Launchpad finger drumming game to the next level!

Learning to play this beat is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Playing “Digital Drop” on the Novation Launchpad Pro.

Step 1.

Download Melodics and run through the step-by-step tutorial.

Don’t have a Launchpad yet? Don’t sweat it. You can use a computer keyboard in the meantime.

svg Download Melodics

Step 2.

Find “Digital Drop” in the Learning screen (in Grade 1). Play it!

Select “You” in the top navigation, then “Promo codes” in the left hand menu.

Step 3.

Mastered it? Nice! You deserve a reward. How about some free stuff?

Simply sign up for Melodics and Novation news, and we’ll email you a promo code that unlocks the intermediate and advanced versions of the Digital Drop lesson – usually available to Melodics subscribers only.

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