Melodics for V-Drums:
The best way to build your rhythm & timing!

Melodics is a desktop app that makes mastering your V-Drums easy, exciting, and FUN.

As a special offer, Roland brings you 40 free Melodics lessons! To access the free lessons, all you need to do is:

Lock in your timing. Bring ideas to the jam.

Drummers: lock in your timing. Bring ideas to the jam.

So what do you play? Rock? Jazz? Metal? Funk? It could be all of them.

Have you found that options for practicing are limited? Boring metronome lessons? Limited feedback?

Melodics for V-Drums is for all levels with lessons at different grades to suit your skill level.

Learn from the classics:
Amen Brother preview
Funky Drummer preview
Footsteps in the dark preview
Play along with modern styles:
Feeling preview
Mars Guitar preview
Lazy in the pocket preview

Lessons from contemporary musicians.

Don’t settle for terrible music. With Melodics you get lessons from genres you love, made by artists you respect.

Click to listen to a preview lesson.

Just Plug & Play with your Roland V-Drums!

Roland and Melodics collaborated on the release of the new Melodics for V-Drums app to help Roland V-Drums users create and build up efficient drumming techniques.

The app supports V-Drums equipped with a USB computer connector such as the TD-50, TD-30, TD-25, TD-15, TD-11, and TD-1 series, and features 40 free lessons onboard. V-Drums users can start taking lessons immediately after installing the app on their computer and connecting to the V-Drums via a USB cable.

Grab the setup manual PDF

To help you get started, we’ve worked with Roland to put together a setup guide with installation instructions, setup diagrams, and helpful tips!

There is also a software manual, introducing you to the Melodics application.

Language V-Drums + Melodics setup guide Melodics software manual
English Download Setup Guide Download Software Manual
Japanese Download Setup Guide Download Software Manual
German Download Setup Guide Download Software Manual
French Download Setup Guide Download Software Manual
Spanish Download Setup Guide Download Software Manual

Melodics is the best way to build your musical skills.

Free to download, including 60 free lessons to start building your rhythm, timing, and muscle memory immediately.
Then subscribe for unlimited access to premium lessons, including exclusive lessons from acclaimed artists.

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