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Melodics is a desktop app that teaches you to play MIDI keyboards & pad controllers – perfect for mastering your ROLI controller.

Start Making It With ROLI & Melodics

ROLI BLOCKS are the perfect place to start making electronic music, and Melodics is the perfect place to start building your musical skills with BLOCKS.

To help you Start Making It ROLI has teamed up with Melodics to bring you a one month subscription for free!

Plug & play with your Seaboard Block or Lightpad Block.

Melodics is ready to go with your ROLI product – just plug it in, open Melodics, and start building your musical skills straight away!

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How to access your free month with Melodics

  1. Download & set up Melodics
  2. Grab your promo code from your MyROLI account page (after registering your BLOCKS).
  3. In Melodics, go to the YOU section from the top navigation, and select Promo Codes from the sidebar.
  4. Enter your ROLI promo code, and you’re all set!
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Rochester, United States
I just cannot believe it took me this long to find this. – Rochester, United States

Melodics is the best way to build your musical skills.

Free to download, play 60 free lessons for 5 performance minutes a day to start building your rhythm, timing, and muscle memory immediately.
Then subscribe for unlimited access to premium lessons, including exclusive lessons from acclaimed artists.

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Melodics is a desktop app for Windows and Mac.

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What hardware will you be using to play Melodics?

Melodics works best with hardware.

You can play it with your computer keyboard, but it is a much better experience with access to a MIDI keyboard, pad controller, or MIDI drum kit.

Download the Melodics app for:

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