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Connecting your electronic drums.

Most MIDI drums will work with Melodics. If your drums aren’t working correctly, or we can’t see them, try the following.

Select your instrument
Select your instrument.

First, make sure you have DRUMS selected as your instrument in Melodics. Click the ‘switch instrument’ button in the top left to switch to drums.

Here is a list of supported devices which do not need mapping. Just plug in and play. Go to the settings tab and select your device from the ‘selected device’ dropdown menu.

Mapping your instrument

Note: supported devices will need manual mapping if you are using a MIDI to USB interface. Instead, we recommend using a direct USB connection where possible.

If your drums are not on our supported devices list or are not appearing in the ‘selected device’ dropdown menu, you’ll need to create a manual mapping. Hit the ‘map your controller’ button in settings. Follow the instructions on screen.

Melodics can't see my drums
Melodics can’t see my drums.

Does Melodics say it couldn’t find a connected MIDI drum kit? Try the following.

Some devices will need specific drivers to be installed. Check the manufacturer’s website for the latest drivers and updates.

My drums are connected but they’re not triggering in lessons.

If your drum kit is selected in the ‘selected device’ dropdown menu but drums aren’t triggering notes when you play a lesson, try the following.

To check if your device is sending MIDI, you can download MIDI Monitor (MacOS) or MIDI-OX (Windows). Install this, open the application, and hit a few drums to see if any notes are being registered.

Can you hear the metronome and backing track? Go to the settings tab and click the ‘play test audio’ button. If you can’t hear anything, make sure you have your audio output device selected in the settings tab and your volume turned up. Check out our audio setup guide for more information.

My hi-hat isn’t working.

If your hi-hat isn’t opening and closing properly, it might not be mapped correctly to Melodics. Try the following.

My drums are working but my audio doesn’t sound right.

Are your drums triggering correctly but you can’t hear the lesson? Or are you hearing both drum module sounds and Melodics drum sounds?

By default, Melodics sound will come from your default computer output. Make sure your speakers or headphones are connected to your computer and turn down your drum module sounds so that you are only hearing one source of audio. Check out our audio setup guide for more information.

If you would like to connect your speakers or headphones to your drum module instead, check out this drums audio setup guide to learn how to route audio from Melodics into your drum module.

Hardware guides.

Some MIDI drums may need additional setup. Please check the following hardware guides.

Alesis drums: some Alesis drums have GM (General MIDI) settings. Check your module settings and ensure ‘GM’ is turned ‘ON’.

Roland TD-9: If you are having hi-hat issues, check your TD-9 module settings and ensure ‘HH Compatibility’ is set to ‘External’.

Roland SPD and HPD series: Roland SPD and HPD series controllers do not necessarily follow the General MIDI drums specification, so you will need to edit the MIDI settings on your controller as per the GM standard drum map to sync with Melodics.

If you’re still having trouble connecting your drums, get in touch with us and we can help.

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