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Controller connection troubleshooting

Having trouble getting Melodics to recognize, or hear the notes from your keyboard, pad controller or electronic drums? There’s a few things you might want to try out.

Check physical connections:

Firstly, double check all your physical connections – if you’re using an older USB cable, you might want to try out another one. Try different ports on your computer, and also make sure you’re not connecting through a USB hub. If you have multiple USB devices connected, try disconnecting these.

If you have an older keyboard, pad controller or drum kit and use a USB to MIDI cable, check you have your MIDI cables connected to the correct IN/OUT on your controller. The IN cable should be connected to the MIDI OUT socket on your controller and vice-versa.

Other software:

Check you don’t have any other software running alongside Melodics that could be interfering with or taking over your controller.

Firmware & Drivers:

If you’re still not getting anything from your device in Melodics, you might want to check you have the latest firmware and driver updates installed for your controller (you can find these on the manufacturers website usually).

Also try:

Still not working? Check for instructions on your controller hardware manual and check the following:

If you need any further help or something still isn’t right, just send us a message here

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