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Keyboard shortcuts in Melodics

Reaching for the mouse can be a pain – here's how to get around Melodics screens with the keyboard.

Top level shortcuts

Use these keys to move around the top level of the Melodics app.

Keyboard shortcuts
Arrow keys
move selection

In-play shortcuts

Use these keys once you’re in a lesson. Certain hardware also have transport controls mapped – find out more here.

Pre-play Perform Post-play
Pre-play screen
Back to learning / home
Start / restart step
Previous step
Next step
Listen to step
Perform screen
Metronome on / off
bpm -10
bpm +10
move start loop point left
move start loop point right
move end loop point left
move end loop point right
Toggle performance / practice modes
toggle wait mode
toggle auto-bpm
Start / restart step
Back to pre-play
= when in practice mode.
Post-play screen
Replay step
Back to perform
Move on to next step (if passed)

Full shortcut list

Main navigation shortcuts

Key Description
1 Go to home screen.
2 Go to learning screen.
3 Go to you screen.
4 Go to subscribe screen.
5 Go to settings screen.

Learning screen navigation shortcuts

Key Description
L Show Lessons tab.
E Show Exercises tab (in keys).
C Show Courses tab.
F Show Favourites tab.
R Show Recent tab.
S Open Search.

Selected lesson (in learning screen) shortcuts

Key Description
Arrow up Move Selection up.
Arrow down Move Selection down.
Arrow left Move Selection left.
Arrow right Move Selection right.
M Show More for selected lesson.
P Listen to Preview for selected lesson.
Spacebar / Enter Play selected lesson.

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