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Practice Mode.

It’s not what you practice, it’s how you practice.

Are you struggling with harder lessons? Left hand not cooperating with your right? Does your left pinky have a mind of its own? We’ve all been there! That’s what Practice Mode is for – a selection of tools to help you practice more effectively. It’s not about how long you practice for, it’s not about how many times you attempt something, it’s the way you practice that matters most.

The brain works in mysterious ways. When you hit the wrong note, your brain will actually start to make a connection – and can reinforce this behavior. This is why slowing down, and playing the right notes is so important when you’re learning a piece.

Next time you’re playing a lesson, hit the Practice Mode button up next to Performance Mode to access your practice tools.

Slow down the tempo of a lesson before you attempt your performance, set a loop to focus on those trickier parts, and use Wait Mode to remove the stress of the scrolling playhead - we’ll wait for you to get it right.

Turn on practice mode, grab the BPM slider, and slow it down.

BPM Slider: Slow it down

One of the best ways to master a track is to slow it down. Practice Mode has a BPM slider that you can pull down to give you more time to find those notes. You can even slow it right down to a stop so that you can inspect the arrangement – or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, speed up the track to an even faster tempo!

Auto BPM let’s you work up to full speed gradually, automatically.

Auto BPM: Build it up slowly

Once you’ve slowed things down, hit the “Auto BPM” button. When this is active, Melodics will automatically ramp up the speed by 10 BPM if you’re nailing it, until it reaches the tracks natural tempo.

Auto BPM let's you work up to full speed gradually, automatically.

Set Loop: Rinse and repeat

Sometimes there’s a really hard part of a lesson stopping you from getting 100%. Use the Set Loop function to select a particular section of a track to loop continuously.

Make sure you're in the right place with wait mode.

Wait Mode: No stress

If slowing down the track just isn’t enough, you can play the lesson one note at a time using Wait Mode. As each note reaches the play head, the performance will pause until you hit the correct note. All the time in the world to get it right and strengthen those neurons.

Let us know if you have any feedback, or need any help with your practice via the Support page.

Have fun 😎

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