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Troubleshooting Alesis drums.

Alesis kits are great with Melodics! If you’re having trouble getting them to play nicely together, try the following.

Before You Start

Most Alesis drum kits are supported by Melodics. Check our supported devices list to see if yours is there. Our supported devices will work in their default settings, and only when connected using a USB cable. USB — MIDI interfaces may work for you, but will negate the default mappings built into Melodics and you will need to use a manual mapping.

We recommend using a USB cable and default mappings where possible!

If your kit doesn’t have a USB connection, check out the Manual Mapping instructions below.

Manual Mapping

If Melodics doesn’t automatically recognise your drum kit then you may need to manually map the kit:

  1. Open the Settings menu in the top right of the screen.
  2. Select ‘Map your controller’ from the right hand side.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to map your kit.

If you’re using a MIDI — USB interface, make sure you have any necessary drivers installed. Check the manufacturer’s website for this.

MIDI Settings

Alesis kits have GM (General MIDI) and LOC (Local) controls under the MIDI settings. You will want to make sure that GM is set to ON and LOC is set to OFF. This will ensure your kit strictly sends out GM values (GM on), and that the notes aren’t triggering the internal sound generator (LOC off). You’ll also want to make sure your kit is sending MIDI on channel 10.

If some drums aren’t working, try resetting your module to factory settings. (Check your manual on how to do this.)

Hi-Hat Issues?

This may be an issue with what pedal your kit is expecting to use. You will need to change the hi-hat pedal settings to match the pedal that you physically have connected.

If the open hi-hat is working but the closed hi-hat isn’t, you can check what notes are being sent out by your kit using the following MIDI software:

Take note of which notes are being sent for which drum(s), then get in touch with us and we can get this working for you.

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