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Streaks and Records.

Streaks motivate you to overcome the hardest part of practice: consistency! Collecting Records measures your progress as you continue to learn and grow as a musician.

Streaks – consistency is key!

Research shows that shorter, more consistent practice sessions yield better results than longer, but more spaced out sessions. Practicing 5-10 minutes every day will help you progress faster than – for example – two hours-long sessions days apart.

To help with your consistent practice, we set you a Daily Goal of 5 minutes. Meet your goal on consecutive days, and you’ll start streaking.

The first streak you’ll reach is the 3 day streak, then 5, 7, and 10… how long can you keep it up for? How long do they keep going? It’ll take you years to find out ’ and many Melodics musicians have!

Watch the progress bar above your next streak target to see how far to go. Keep it up!

Watch this quick vid for an intro to Records.

What are Records?

In Melodics you learn by doing – by playing lessons you’re introduced to important musical concepts and ideas, but how do you know what you’ve learned?

In various lessons throughout Melodics, you can discover and collect Records by passing the lesson. Each Record summarises one of these musical ideas, and earning one shows that you’ve applied it in a real-world “playing music” scenario. By completing Record collections you know that you’ve got a good working knowledge of the broader concept.

How do I find Records?
1. Look for the Record icon

This means you can earn a record in this lesson.

2. Practice to learn

Get at least 2 stars on a lesson to earn its record, and add it to your collection.

3. Track your progress

Visit the progress section to view your collection.

4. Review your repertoire

Click on a collection to view videos covering the skills & techniques you’ve learned.

Find Knowledge, Don’t Search.

Records aren’t a roadmap — they’re milestones you pass when you first learn by doing. Spending the time deep diving and revisiting lessons locks in new knowledge by providing a meaningful context, and brings a greater sense of achievement for when you do collect a new Record.

Visit the Progress section in Melodics to measure your musical growth as you build your collection. Here you can track your progress and view all the Records you’ve collected (and those still waiting), read more about each concept, and watch videos demonstrating how they work.

Records FAQs

Melodics is the best way to build your musical skills.

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