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Streaming with Melodics.

So you want to stream your practice sessions with Melodics? That’s awesome. We love to see our users playing, having fun and sharing their journey with others.

All Melodics content can be streamed without risk of DMCA takedown.

Streaming on Windows.

ASIO drivers are great - they are low latency but they hate sharing audio with other applications.

The best solution we have found is ASIO link pro.

It’s a complex looking piece of software but it’s quite simple to set up and once done you don’t need to worry about it. You need to patch the application using the included patcher otherwise the audio will go silent after a certain amount of time.

After installing you may be prompted to select your driver. Select the ASIO driver you normally use in Melodics.

ASIO selection

In Melodics select ASIO LINK PRO ASIO as your output driver, when you do this the Link pro mixer will pop up and then click and drag to set up the outputs like below.

In the toolbar select ASIO link pro as your system output:

Main output

Now you can open OBS and create an Audio Input Capture and select Mix 01 (ASIOVADPRO Driver) as the input.

Link pro settings OBS settings
Streaming on Mac.

Currently the best solutions we have found is to use BlackHole virtual audio driver.

For both you need to create a Multi Output Device in Audio MIDI settings and select BlackHole as your main audio out like below:

Multi out OS

Then in Melodics settings select this multi output device as the output:

Melodics out

Then in OBS make sure BlackHole is selected as one of the audio inputs in OBS.

Melodics out

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