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Using your keyboard as an 8×1 pad controller.

Practice your rhythm and timing on your keyboard with Melodics pads lessons.

Keyboards are percussive instruments too.
Keyboards are percussive instruments too.

Traditional pianos make sound by hitting a hammer against a string. Because of this hammer action, the piano/keyboard also falls within the realm of percussive, rhythmic instruments. While this is just technically how a piano works, this is also a great way to approach playing this instrument.

Much of your time spent playing keys is focused on developing your melodies and harmonies. Usually not enough time is spent working on your timing and rhythm. For most forms of music, timing is crucial, and it’s not solely up to the drummer to provide the rhythm.

Of course, it can be hard to focus on your rhythm when you’re playing a complex melody or chord progression. Why not practice your timing by playing drums on your keyboard?

Map your keys as pads.

That’s where the beauty of MIDI comes into play. Keyboards are no longer just used to play chords and melodies, they can be transformed into anything you can imagine. From synths and samplers, to electronic drums.

Mapping your keys as pads.

Mapping your keys as pads.

We’ve already got a huge range of lessons dedicated to rhythm training. Typically these would be played with a pad controller or electronic drum kit, but you can use your keyboard too. Here’s how:

That’s it! You can now play some pads lessons using the 8 keys you mapped. Head over to the lessons / courses tab to start working on your rhythm and timing.

Access 200 more lessons!
Access 200 more lessons!

With a Melodics subscription, you’ll already have access to over 300 keys lessons. Now that you’ve mapped your keys to pads lessons, you can play 200 more lessons and explore a world of new learning opportunities.

These lessons will develop your timing and rhythm. They will help you perform better and take your keyboard skills to the next level. Keep up the practice!

How about an example?

Here’s a friend of Melodics, Koji Kobura, with a cover of Future’s ‘Mask Off’ playing drums on his keyboard!

The fastest way to start playing.

Get free access to 60 free lessons for 5 performance minutes a day to start building your rhythm, timing, and muscle memory immediately.

When you’re ready to expand your progress, subscribe to a plan to get unlimited access to play hundreds of songs, over 1500 lessons, courses, exercises and all premium practice features.

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