You stated that you are inspired/influenced by the likes of ‘Ace Hood’ and ‘Araab Muzik’. Can you delve into how they have inspired you?

Araab Muzik opened the gate for us finger drummers, he actually made beating on a pad a career and Ace Hood ,he has that “go get er” attitude and he’s all about motivation!

You have an uncanny ability to take an existing track and flip it. Whether it be a DJ Jazzy track or a remix of Flume. What is your process when flipping a beat? How do you get so much feel in these songs?

I listen to a lot of older music, I grew up around a older influence so my taste in music is older than my age, not that music has an age limit on it.

The amazing videos of you playing your beats live is a huge contributing factor to your large following on social media. What made you start producing these videos and at what point did you start to blow up?

I’ve been doing these for videos for 2 years and started blowing up in December 2015. What made me start was friends always video taping me when I jam out so I thought id shared with everybody

This week you are releasing your first ever Melodics lesson. What can your fans expect from the lesson? Do you have any tips for them?

Be as loose as you can! And don’t just follow the squares follow the rhythm.

2016 has been a big year for you already getting featured on social for Akai and collaborating with 9FIVE and fellow producer OddKidOut. What does the rest of the year have install for you and where are you wanting it to go?

Canada , Australia , New York, Atlanta , Colorado is were I will be in June through August for shows and workshops helping people learning how to produce. Plenty of collabs in store . I really want to visit Brazil!

If you were stuck on a desert island for a year and can only bring three albums with you. What would they be

1) Jay Z – Reasonable Doubt

2) De la soul – AOI: Bionix

3) The Fugees- The Score

What advice would you give to someone who saw one of your videos today and decided they want to make beats like you?

Stay consistent , the crazy part is you don’t have to be that good. Just stay consistent and good things will come.

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