Working at Melodics

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Melodics makes your practice fun & rewarding!

Melodics makes practice fun & rewarding, and we want the same for our employees. Keen to join us?

Our product is shaping how the world learns to play musical instruments. We want to enrich our world with music and make it accessible for everyone. Melodics is entering a new phase.

We’ve proven the core concept, and we’re switching gears from start up to scale up.

We’re currently 35 people and looking to nearly double by 2022. Our three year strategy includes some big goals, and we need you!

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Working at Melodics

We innovate

We’ve cultivated a positive, fast-moving, and motivating environment, solving interesting and meaningful problems around music and education. We truly value innovation and growth - ask us about our weekly growth experiments!

We’re a friendly and smart team - we listen to each other’s ideas and give everyone a voice to influence and shape the future of Melodics.

We are human

We want you to work in the best way that you can and have a documented flexible working policy.

We value the wellbeing of our team - we have mental health and physical health First Aid-ers, we've replaced traditional ‘sick leave’ with uncapped wellness leave from day one of your employment, and a ‘winter wellness’ bonus payment.

We love music

As well as having deep roots in the music industry, we love music – in all its forms, across culture & genre – and strongly believe in its importance in people’s lives.

We have an amazing internal team writing the music our learners play, and partner with local and international artists, labels, and instrument manufacturers.

Our company values:

Melodics in use
People come first
Perfection through iteration
Leave things better than we found them

Melodics is the best way to build your musical skills.

Free to download, play 60 free lessons for 5 performance minutes a day to start building your rhythm, timing, and muscle memory immediately.
Then subscribe for unlimited access to premium lessons, including exclusive lessons from acclaimed artists.

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