Take your pad drumming game
to the next level with Melodics.

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This free app for iPhone & iPad works as a pad conroller for the main Melodics desktop app, and comes with four free drumkits to jam with when you’re not connected – find out more.

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Music education,
but with tracks you actually want to play.

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If you make beats…Melodics is like going to the gym for a workout!” DJ Jazzy Jeff – Melodics Artist

Works with any MIDI controller,
or our free controller app for iPhone & iPad.

With Melodics you will…

Instant feedback

Get immediate feedback

Measurable progress

Make measurable progress

Building practice habits

Build solid habits

Instant feedback

Grow your skills

svg Download Melodics for free & start getting better now

Lessons from
huge international artists.

Get insight into how your favourite Producers, DJs, and Performers structure their tracks & sets.

Don’t Forget – DJ Jazzy Jeff The Princess – Eskei83 From Home to Work & Back – Tall Black Guy

How you’ll progress in Melodics.


You’ll be learning…

Basic rhythms, hand syncopation, accents, basic hand independence.

Foundation building.

2 & 3 finger syncopation, accuracy, swing & shuffle, 1/16 timing.

Getting more complex!

Polyrhythms, fills, pocket playing, complex syncopation, finger independence.

Advanced business.

Ghost notes, endurance, unquantised ‘feel’, higher tempos.

The first step to getting better, is getting started.

svg Download Melodics for free & start getting better now
Let’s play some . Start for free now.

85% of people who don’t play an instrument wish they did.
Are you one of them?


Get better with your DAW. Improve your timing, rhythm, feel, and write better tracks.


Cue-point drumming helps you engage your audience, and play better sets.


Take your music to the stage, move the crowd, and rock better shows.

Just wow guys! I’ve been producing for years and I’ve always hated programming drums. I have always wanted to feel like I’m playing a instrument, while I’m making music. Thats where my love for finger drumming came in. I feel disconnected to my music when it feels like the computer is doing all the work for me.

I’ve been using your software for about 3-4 days now, and I already have seen HUGE improvements. I tried to teach myself several times how to get my fingers to do what I want (Youtube videos, watching live finger drumming etc) but nothing worked.

So thanks to you and your entire team for such an incredible program.” xKinetik – Melodics Subscriber

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Get started with Melodics, and watch yourself improve

Complete lessons to unlock higher levels – Melodics comes with 20 free lessons, watch yourself get better playing just 5 minutes a day.

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It’s free to download, and comes with 20 free lessons so you can get started building your rhythm, timing, and muscle memory.
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