Better beats at your fingertips

Melodics breaks down music to build up your pads skills, giving you the confidence to play rhythms and samples with more speed, accuracy and style.

Take the skills you learn in Melodics and jam out four-on-the-floor house and swinging hip hop with ease. Say goodbye to step sequencing.

The definitive playbook

Melodics is the fastest and most effective way to learn finger drumming - with real-time feedback, plus tools to practice and improve your playing.

From basic timing to more advanced finger independence, Melodics teaches you everything you need to know.

The basics and beyond

Your musical journey begins on a guided path. Learn the fundamentals as you progress through structured lessons at your own pace.

As your skills increase, tackle more challenging pad techniques with intermediate and advanced lessons.

Learning meets gaming

With scoring, levels, trophies, and rewards, Melodics keeps you motivated to practice every day. As you play, you get instant feedback on your timing and accuracy - Early? Late? Perfect!

Slow a lesson down when things get tricky. Loop the parts you’re struggling with, and when you’re feeling confident, slowly increase the tempo again.

Every style you care about

Hip hop, house, trap, techno and more. Discover, unpack and master lessons and popular songs from a range of genres.

Join over 600,000 other musicians leveling up with Melodics

Plug in & play with any MIDI capable controller.

Melodics provides plug-and-play support for the most popular MIDI controllers on the planet, as well as MIDI keyboards and drum kits - with custom remapping for everything else.

Here’s How To Get Started

  1. Simply download the app, get access to 20 free lessons (per instrument) for 5 performance minutes a day.

  2. 2

    Plug in & Play.

    Compatible with most MIDI devices.

  3. 3

    Get results in just 5 mins.

    Start building your rhythm, positioning, and muscle memory immediately.