Time Signature Mastery

Collins' drumming is characterized by its remarkable versatility. He effortlessly transitions between various complex rhythmic patterns, and diverse musical styles, from the intricate progressive rock of Genesis to the more mainstream pop and ballads of his solo work. It’s Collins’ mastery of different time signatures that helps set him apart as a genius drummer though. Check out these songs as prime examples

Genesis - Firth of Fifth - Switches between 2/4 & 13/16 time signatures:

While ‘The Cinema Show’ features a section at 6:05 in ⅞ time signature:

This adaptability allowed him to seamlessly integrate his drumming into a wide range of musical contexts, showcasing his ability to serve the song rather than simply showcasing his own virtuosity.

Technical Prowess

Underpinning Collins' technical prowess is a deep understanding of groove and rhythm. His drumming is characterized by a solid, driving backbeat that provides a sturdy foundation for the music, allowing other instruments and vocalists to shine. Whether he's laying down a funky groove or a powerful, pulsating beat, Collins' drumming is always infused with a sense of groove that captivates listeners and propels the music forward.

Emotional Expression

Beyond his technical mastery, Phil Collins' drumming is also imbued with a deep sense of emotional expression. His playing often reflects the mood and sentiment of the music, with his subtle nuances and dynamic variations adding depth and richness to the overall musical experience. This emotive quality in his drumming has contributed to the enduring appeal of his work, as it resonates with audiences on a profound, visceral level.

Style and Influences

Phil Collins' drumming style is a unique amalgamation of various influences, blending elements from diverse musical genres and eras. His early exposure to the sounds of The Beatles and The Who, as well as his fascination with the intricate rhythms of progressive rock, all contributed to the development of his distinctive approach to the drums.

Melodic Grooves

One of the defining characteristics of Collins' drumming is his ability to craft melodic, lyrical grooves that seamlessly intertwine with the harmonic and melodic elements of the music. This approach was heavily influenced by his love for Motown and the soulful rhythms of that era, which he would often incorporate into his own playing, adding a touch of emotional depth and groove to the music.

Innovative Techniques

Collins was also known for his innovative use of drumming techniques, such as his pioneering work with electronic drums and his mastery of gated reverb, a production technique that became a hallmark of his signature sound. These advancements in drum technology and production allowed Collins to expand the sonic palette of his drumming, creating a unique and instantly recognizable sonic signature.

Precision and Technicality

Underpinning Collins' melodic and innovative approach was a deep well of technical proficiency. He was a master of complex time signatures, intricate rudiments, and precision drumming, which he would often showcase in the progressive rock compositions of Genesis. This technical prowess allowed him to navigate the intricate structures and rhythmic challenges of the band's music with ease, further cementing his reputation as a drumming virtuoso.

Phil Collins Drum Set & Set Up

Phil Collins' drum setup was a crucial component of his distinctive drumming sound and style. Over the course of his career, he meticulously curated and refined his kit, constantly seeking to optimize its performance and capture the perfect tones for his recordings and live performances.

The Iconic Black Kit

Perhaps the most recognizable aspect of Collins' drum setup was his iconic black Gretsch kit, which became synonymous with his drumming. This kit, featuring a large array of concert toms, was a key element in the creation of his signature sound, allowing him to execute his intricate fills and melodic grooves with precision and power.

Electronic Drum Integration

In addition to his acoustic kit, Collins was also known for his innovative integration of electronic drums into his setup. He was an early adopter of Simmons electronic drums, which he used to incorporate a range of synthetic percussion sounds and textures into his playing. This hybrid approach allowed Collins to expand the sonic possibilities of his drumming, seamlessly blending the organic and the electronic to create a truly unique and cutting-edge sound.

Tuning and Muffling

Collins was known for his meticulous attention to detail when it came to tuning and muffling his drums. He would spend considerable time fine-tuning the resonance and attack of his kit, ensuring that every element worked in perfect harmony to create the desired tone and response. This attention to detail was a hallmark of his drumming, as it allowed him to precisely control the sonic character of his performances.

What Artists Has Collins Played With?

Throughout his illustrious career, Phil Collins has had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse array of artists, developing and showcasing the breadth and depth of his musical talents. From his early days with the progressive rock band Genesis to his successful solo ventures and guest appearances, Collins has left an indelible mark on the music industry.


Collins' most well-known and enduring musical partnership has been with the band Genesis, which he joined as a drummer in 1970. As a member of the group, Collins played a pivotal role in shaping their signature sound, contributing his exceptional drumming skills to albums like "Nursery Cryme," "Selling England by the Pound," and "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway." When the band's original lead vocalist, Peter Gabriel, departed in 1975, Collins seamlessly transitioned into the role, further cementing his status as a versatile and multifaceted musician.

Solo Collaborations

In addition to his work with Genesis, Collins has also collaborated with a wide range of artists throughout his solo career. He has lent his drumming talents to recordings by renowned musicians such as Eric Clapton, Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire, and even the legendary George Harrison, among others. These collaborations have allowed Collins to showcase his adaptability and versatility, as he effortlessly integrates his drumming prowess into diverse musical contexts.

Film and Soundtrack Work

Collins' drumming skills have also been in high demand for various film and soundtrack projects. He has composed and performed music for numerous Disney animated films, including "Tarzan," for which he won an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Additionally, Collins has made appearances in various television and movie productions, further demonstrating the breadth of his artistic talents.

How to Play Drums Like Phil Collins

Aspiring drummers who wish to emulate the style and technique of Phil Collins can benefit from a comprehensive approach that combines technical mastery, creative exploration, and a deep understanding of the legendary drummer's musical sensibilities.

Developing Technical Proficiency

At the core of playing drums like Phil Collins is the development of technical proficiency. This includes mastering complex time signatures, intricate rudiments, and the ability to execute precise, nuanced drumming patterns. Aspiring drummers should devote time to perfecting their technique through dedicated practice and the study of Collins' drumming on iconic tracks.

Exploring Melodic Grooves

One of the hallmarks of Phil Collins' drumming is his ability to craft melodic, lyrical grooves that seamlessly integrate with the overall musical fabric. Aspiring drummers should focus on developing a keen ear for melody and rhythm, experimenting with different approaches to creating grooves that are both technically proficient and emotionally engaging.

Integrating Electronic Drums

Collins' innovative use of electronic drums was a key component of his drumming style. Aspiring drummers can explore the integration of electronic percussion elements into their playing, experimenting with different sounds and textures to create a unique and contemporary drumming approach.

Cultivating Emotional Expression

Beyond the technical aspects of drumming, aspiring drummers should also focus on cultivating an emotional connection to the music. By understanding the emotional subtext and nuances of the songs they are playing, drummers can infuse their performance with a deeper sense of expression and resonance.

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