Jan 05

New Year New Lessons!

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to 2016!

Hope you guys have had a very enjoyable Christmas and New Years period. We have been hard at work to make Melodics even better for you guys.

One of the first ways is through producing more performance videos like this :)

The other way is through continuing to produce quality lesson content. We are aware this is what drives your learning and affinity with Melodics. So what our team is in the process of doing is revamping our Free Content.

We are doing this by:

– Altering and amending our existing Free Content

– Adding in newer lessons that cover a range of genres.

These two changes are going  to show you just how versatile Melodics can be. So have a look on the lessons screen and check out the New lessons that we have added.

Over the next few weeks stay tune as there will be more fresh content from the world of Dubstep/House/Hip Hop/Rock/Trap and much more.

Is there any particular genres or songs that you would want to learn? Let us know in the comments below.

As always feel free to post videos of you playing Melodics on Instagram and Facebook. We have received some awesome content so far so excited to see more!

Bring On 2016 and See You Next Tuesday!



6 thoughts on “New Year New Lessons!”

    1. I agree! Got some introductory stuff for those genres at present with more to come.

      Do you have any tracks that we could use as references?


    (They’re related to the stuff I want to make even though the things in my head hates to be genre-fied by ‘mere human’ genres. lol)

    [Can use it as a reference to help me find out what I want to learn and such.]


    1. We have a new dubstep lesson called ‘Digital Drop’ that is out. Pretty elementary but a lot of fun.

      We are wanting to add in more Dubstep. Do you have any reference tracks that you can give us? Be a big help!

  2. Maybe there already are but I would really like some lessons covering a pad drumming approach to metal and tackling double bass drumming.

    1. Hey Fredrik!

      Thanks for reaching out. Awesome suggestion. We actually have a Metal lesson in the works so will look into releasing this hopefully at the first half of this year.


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