Melodics for iPad.

Play anytime, anywhere inspiration strikes.


Play with spontaneity

Complete your ultimate practice workspace so you can spend less time setting-up, and more time doing what you love! Get all the features and functionality of the Melodics app – with the plug and play compatibility of iPad.

Got your account?
Got your account?

Use your existing Melodics account credentials to log in to the iPad app.

Get a Melodics account
Got the app?
Got the app?

Go to the App Store on your iPad and download the Melodics app.

Ready to play?
Ready to play?

Melodics for iPad has all the latest features, lessons, courses, exercises you would find on your Windows and macOS app version.

Check to see if your MIDI instrument is supported by iOS.

watch the trailer

Check out Melodics for iPad in action.

Play without inhibition.

The seamless mobility, ergonomics and processing power of the iPad means the Melodics experience is always within easy reach, without ever compromising your music set up or workspace.

Make plans a reality.

If practice makes perfect, then Melodics for iPad helps make practices, perfect.

Organise your plan; explore, listen and save lessons, excercises or courses to your favourites – so that your practices are focused, more productive, and entirely tailored to your goals.

Make plans a reality.
Play without inhibition.

Make downtime memorable.

Use Melodics on iPad for a fun, spontaneous daily habit you’re actually better off for having. Make your time more rewarding, less momentary, and start making musical progress when it suits you, wherever it suits you.


The fastest way to start playing.

Get free access to 60 free lessons for 5 performance minutes a day to start building your rhythm, timing, and muscle memory immediately.

When you’re ready to expand your progress, subscribe to a plan to get unlimited access to play hundreds of songs, over 1500 lessons, courses, exercises and all premium practice features.

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Melodics is a desktop app for Windows and Mac.

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What hardware will you be using to play Melodics?

Melodics works best with hardware.

You can play it with your computer keyboard, but it is a much better experience with access to a MIDI keyboard, pad controller, or MIDI drum kit.

Play as you learn!

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