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65 Drums on Melodics for Electronic Drums

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Melodics and me

By Iancu Moraru

Time flies. It does. I’m happy that I made the best of it so far. I’ve been doing this for more than two years. It was extremely hard in the beggining but it became easier as soon as decided to commit. I didn’t know a thing about Rudiments, I couldn’t make the difference between a 8th and a 16th unless you directed my attention and once.

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From our users:

Melodics is amazing! Props on the creation of it. My five year old son and I love using it — we ended up getting a midi controller so we could play with it.

Great job on the product! Greg
Just want to be thankful and give back some positive vibes, practicing and learning tips with Melodics is really good and an easy way to enjoy playing music.

Big up ! Ludwig
Thank you for coming up with such a great program. I have just started using it and it’s already helped so much. I am so excited to see what other capabilities it has! Dom
Sam… frickin amazing amazing programme. So so well implemented and well… You = brilliant ;) Andy
Just had a go with the keys lessons. Love it! Even the basic grooves are loads of fun when playing over the full backing track. I've tried loads of things over the years to improve my keyboard skills but other methods always focus on none electronic music. So for me there was always a disconnect between the music I was learning and the stuff I wanted to play… so big up for this! Chris
Thanks again… happy to be be drumming. And just to let you know, I have been working in Ableton on a new song and found that my new drumming skills GREATLY help with laying down some rhythm… thanks to my Melodics training. Dave
Needless to say, I love it! Melodics has become my study break mate. I’ll be a pro drummer by the time I complete my research. Mel
I started doing a few of the key lessons and it feels like a game. Its a fun way to learn especially for those of us with short attention spans that need to be taught in bits 😁. Im going to try to make it a habit because I Need to learn how to play the keys. Thanks again for hooking me up! Tito
Oh Lawd, I just fiddled with V2 of Melodics and its absolutely amazing! Well done guys! Ahmadaa
Congrats, btw, on the release of Melodics keys. I've been using it and so far I love it. The UI you built to teach chords and melodies before the lesson starts is particularly helpful and innovative. It's a great way to learn the fingerings and bootstrap that muscle memory before you add the rhythm once the lesson starts. Michael

From Industry:

Sound on Sound
Lessons vary in difficulty and encompass topics such as chord progressions, gospel chops and modern funk basslines. And, while you can dip into specific tracks, you can also expect more complex courses such as 'Harmony Masterclass' with respected musician/producer Mark de Clive-Lowe. Article: Melodics want to help producers play keys better
Fact Mag
Part of the way Melodics hooks you in is by borrowing the kind of gamification techniques you’ll find on apps like language tool Duolingo, such as achievements and combo streaks for hitting enough correct notes in a row. Melodics encourages you to spend five minutes a day trying to increase your level, but the dopamine rush you get from executing a lesson perfectly means that you’ll probably find yourself sinking much more time in than that. Article: Melodics is a video game-like app that promises to make you a better musician with five minutes of practice a day
Create Digital Music
Traditional instrumentalists have long had plenty of ways of developing their skills, whether it be on a piano, a drum kit, or a contrabassoon. But pad drummers have been more or less on their own. Melodics’ solution is to combine detailed, musically-specific lessons with real-time on-screen feedback – after all, your pad controller is most likely already connected to a computer. Article: Melodics is like Guitar Hero for learning pad drumming
Their approach is one half game, one half audio production software and is a really handy tool for anyone wanting to learn pad drumming for production or DJing. In a nutshell, Melodics is a series of interactive lessons that allow you to progress through numerous levels and develop your skills. We've been going through these ourselves and it's definitely addictive!” Article: Melodics: Cue Point Drumming For DJs

From Artists:

In my first few sessions with the software I became better at finger drumming and had so much fun learning. Some people say I’m good at this – Melodics showed me that I’ve still got a lot to learn. And to practice on Melodics with the hardware you’re also performing on stage with is awesome.” Eskei83 – 2014 Red Bull Thre3style World Champion
I think it’s gonna help a whole new crop of people who are doing live beats and finger drumming.” DJ Day
As soon as we heard the concept we were down. It’s such a creative and innovative way of learning pads, timing, flow etc.” Thugli

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