Stuck inside? Us too! Let’s make some music.

Download Melodics sample packs for free & start putting your skills to use – let’s write some tunes!

Melodics Sample packs

We’ve put together a bunch of sample packs, from some of our most popular lessons and covering a wide range of genres and styles. Each pack is full of single hits, loops, melodic parts, drums and more – everything you need to start on a journey of making your own music using the skills you practice in Melodics.

Help yourself!

All of the sample packs below are totally free for you to download and use – just click on a pack cover below to kick off the download:

So now you’ve got the samples – what do you do with them?

If you haven’t used music-making software before it be quite intimidating, but don’t worry – we’ve put together a list of helpful resources, links, and downloads below to get you started.

If you haven’t already, join the Melodics community Facebook group, there’s lot’s of friendly musicians & learners at all skill levels who can offer advice & guidance as well. If you make something you think is cool, and you’d like to share it, we’d love to hear it there on Facebook, or tag us on insta @melodicshq.


Soundtrap is a completely browser based DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), with lots of powerful features & sounds built in. It has a free 1 month trial, so give it a look if you’re just getting started making music and see how you like it.

Check out Soundtrap

Ableton Live 10

One of the most popular DAWs of all time, you can try out Ableton 10 for a massive 90 days for free!

Available for both Mac & Windows.

Get Live Lite here

On a Mac? Try GarageBand.

If you’re on a Mac, chances are you already have GarageBand installed (and if not, you can download it for free). GB is very user friendly, easy to use, and should have you making something you like the sound of quick!

You can find a great “getting started” article here: How to Use GarageBand: A Step-By-Step Guide.

On Windows? How about Cakewalk.

One of the most fully featured production programs you’ll see for free, Cakewalk is a relaunch of the popular SONAR DAW.

Grab it here

Chrome Music Lab – fun & playful.

Completely browser based, and great for kids of all ages who just want to have fun playing around with musical concepts, Chrome Music Lab is a website from Google that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.

Chrome Music Lab

Splice: A curated list of resources for musicians affected by COVID-19.

Our friends at Splice have put together a great resource page for musicians affected by the current situation. Resources, links, lots of good stuff for musicians – give it a look.

Check it out at the Splice blog

Melodics Learning.

There’s a section on the Melodics website dedicated to learning about music!

Read articles on all sorts of musical concepts, get active with play-along spotify playlists, and watch music videos annotated with things to listen for while you’re watching. Lots of great content.


Ableton: Learning Synths

If you’ve ever wathed to know about how synthesis works, our friends at Ableton have you covered.

A fantastic resource, introducing various aspects of how synths work in freindly, understandable language with lot’s of browser-based interactive examples.

Visit Ableton: Learning Synths

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